CIPHE UPDATE: Bringing in the next generation

CIPHE UPDATE: Bringing in the next generation

According to heating industry statistics, sales for gas boilers grew by 15% between 2020 and 2021, while radiator sales were up 22% and cylinders at nearly 2%. But the biggest growth by far was for solar, increasing by 89% in this time period.

While industry growth is positive, it has highlighted a widening skills gap as those starting out are far outnumbered by those leaving for retirement or to pursue another career. As such, there is an urgent case to drive recruitment in the sector.

The CIPHE advocates professionalism, quality and competency. To support this notion, the charity made one of its largest investments to date into training infrastructure. This has focussed on digital so far, due to the disruption to in-person training. Recently, the CIPHE has added a low temperature CPD course. With key legislative change ahead, skilled installers can refresh their knowledge and keep up to date. To view the course, please visit the LCL Awards website or their aligned centres.

Training centres update
The importance of hands-on experience continues to be fundamental to competency and the CIPHE continues to work closely with training centres around the UK. Despite the constant changes to restrictions over the past two years, training centres have done a great job at adapting to new ways of teaching. Alongside this, the Department for Education allowed awarding bodies to make changes implementing mitigation which enables relevant knowledge, skills and experience to be put towards a qualification. There has been a mixed reception from training centres linked to stigma around a perceived loosening of standards. While others felt they could better support the progress of a learner, allowing them to catch up at a later date.

The good news is that recruitment of new apprentices is on the rise. Plus, the NVQ Level 3 Domestic Plumbing and Heating Technician is now embedded, and many centres are trialling the course and assessments. Going forward, the CIPHE aspires to increase awareness of pathways into the industry, including apprenticeships, through careers offices in schools. With 75% of the senior management team at the CIPHE being ex-apprentices, it is a rewarding career for anyone considering it.

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