Benefits of augmented reality for installers

Benefits of augmented reality for installers

Barlo Radiators’ new augmented reality app has been designed as a useful sales support tool for installers. James Moore gets the lowdown from David Relihan, Commercial Director at the company.

Q: Explain to us how the new augmented reality app works…
The Barlo Designer Radiator app is an industry first and was designed specifically for installers as a useful sales tool. Using augmented reality (AR) technology it allows installers to show their customers how designer radiators would look in their homes – giving them the opportunity to virtually ‘try before they buy.’

Through the app, installers can browse Barlo’s popular designer range and then use their smartphone camera to visualise how specific models would appear on the wall in front of them. At the touch of a button they can try different sizes, styles and colours – showing customers the impact on the aesthetics of their rooms. It’s an excellent sales aid, whether they’re specifying a new designer radiator, a direct replacement or offering an upgrade from a standard panel emitter.

Q: Is it easy to use? Do you need specific technology, or can it work from most smart phones?
The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play, making it suitable for both Android and iOS devices. It’s simple, quick and intuitive to use and designed to give you everything you need when on a job. For enhanced sizing accuracy, installers can request a starter pack, which provides a Barlo AR wall marker tool. This can be done through the app or by visiting

Within the app, a useful heat output calculator will help you accurately size your radiator. You then point your smartphone camera at the chosen wall space, and the app will display a fully scaled, 3D mounted image of your selected radiator style (when used in conjunction with the Barlo AR marker). Choose from a host of designs, sizes and colours from our Barlo range (including popular Slieve, Adagio, Forza and Plaza models) and save or share images via the app.

Q: How will this app benefit installers?
From its conception right through to its launch, installers have been at the heart of the app’s design. We carried out national workshops to understand the challenges installers face when specifying designer radiators, and this information was fed directly into the app development.

For example, we know that one of the biggest hurdles installers face is pricing and quoting jobs in a timely and professional manner. We completely understand that when it comes to closing a sale, time is of the essence. So, as well as giving a true representation of how a designer radiator will look, our app helps installers quote accurately and efficiently – increasing their chances of sealing that all-important deal.

Q: What additional features does the app have?
As well as creating AR visuals, the app features a handy heat loss calculator, allowing installers to quickly calculate a room’s heat output requirement (in BTU and Watt). They can send detailed quotes straight to a customer’s email address, and the app even lets you attach a business logo for a more personalised finish. There is also an in-built store locator featuring a GPS option, as well as a town/city search bar. This means installers can find their nearest Barlo radiator stockist quickly and easily.

Q: What should installers know about the designer radiator market? How would you advise installers to upsell designer products?
Designer radiators are an easy and cost-effective way to inject colour, style and character to any space. Here at Barlo, we’re seeing a growing trend in consumers looking into designer heating options for their homes, as opposed to standard white panel radiators.

As the industry becomes more design-focused, it’s vital that installers – and their customers – choose products that tick the right boxes aesthetically, but also deliver on warmth and efficiency. When it comes to reliable heat outputs, it’s important to ensure products hold the right certification. Look out for the widely recognised British Standards Institution’s (BSI) Kitemark: all radiators carrying it have been manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and tested by an approved laboratory to achieve EN442:2003 specifications.

Ultimately, using the new Barlo Designer Radiator app, installers and their customers can rest assured they’re choosing a radiator brand that delivers on both style and substance.

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