Talon offers free samples of its EZ Joist Clip 

Talon offers free samples of its EZ Joist Clip 

Talon’s EZ Joist Clip is designed to make pipework installations safer, quicker and easier for installers, especially in challenging overhead, high up and hard-to-reach areas. Now, to encourage installers to try the solution, the company is offering free samples of its EZ Joist Clip.   

The EZ Joist Clip’s design allows for side-on installation, aiding installation above head level. With the EZ Joist Clip, installers can attach it to the side of the joist and use its supportive ledge to keep it in position while securing the pipe.  

Installers can use the clips to fix the pipe in place when it is already in-situ and multiple clips can be joined together for extended runs and complex configurations. All sizes of the clip can be connected via a dovetail joint, forc uniform pipe spacing and an aesthetically pleasing finish. 

“The obvious choice is to use a nail-in clip, which Talon is also proud to manufacture, but unless you can contort yourself like an octopus or hang upside down like a bat, you will have limited space when hammering in the pipe clip. This can become unsafe and cost time,” explained Mike Morris, Marketing Manager at Talon. “We are proud to provide a solution that can be quickly and safely installed in any location, simplifying the pipework installation process like never before.” 

Designed for both 15mm and 22mm pipes and available in black or natural, the company says the clips have the same strength as Talon’s original Hinged Clips. They are manufactured in the UK to ISO quality standards. 

To claim the free sample visit, click on the colour you wish to try and fill out your details.  


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