Redring tap installed in Stoney Ford Brewery

Redring tap installed in Stoney Ford Brewery

The Redring Instant Electric Hot Water Tap has again proved itself as a vital solution for an unusual application. The tap has been installed in the brewhouse at Stoney Ford Brewery to ensure the business meets environmental health regulations.

Located in Stamford, Lincolnshire, Stoney Ford is a small batch brewery that specialises in craft ale and serves local pubs within a 20-mile radius of its headquarters.

Tim Nicol, Joint Owner of Stoney Ford Brew Co Ltd commented on the difference the Redring installation made to the company’s operation: “We were faced with the problem of having to satisfy environmental health requirements without having a hot water supply in our brewhouse. As we are a small start-up business it would have been a significant cost for us to install brand new plumbing facilities.

“The Redring Instant Electric Hot Water Tap provided us with the ideal solution, as it needed no additional plumbing and only required a cold water feed and an electrical supply. Maintaining a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness is essential for our brewing process, particularly for hand washing and cleaning utensils. The Instant Electric Hot Water Tap has enabled us to do this efficiently and at a low operating cost.”

The Redring Instant Electric Hot Water Tap is a mixer tap that can plug into any domestic UK plug socket or fused spur, providing instant hot water for hand washing anywhere that it is needed. A rated for energy efficiency, the tap has been designed to replace an existing mixer tap with the added advantage that it requires only a cold-water feed and heats the water at point of use, eliminating the need for a hot water supply or storing hot water.

Tim finished by adding: “We now have a 5 out of 5 Hygiene rating for the brewery and sales of our ales are going strong. We are working on some exciting additions to our range and the installation of the Redring Instant Electric Hot Water Tap means we can focus on the fundamentals of building our business knowing that we have a clean and safe operation.”

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