Myson helps futureproof homes

Myson helps futureproof homes

The ULOW-E2 heat emitter and Floortec underfloor heating from Myson have both been used in five prestigious new properties in Garth House, Cumbria.

Each of the Trivselhus by Esh properties has been specifically designed to provide stylish modern living with energy-saving technology. Coupled with air source heat pumps, the Floortec underfloor heating system provides warmth on each ground floor while ULOW-E2 emitters have been used to heat the first floors. Using E2 technology, the ULOW provides static heat in the same way as a traditional radiator, but when additional warmth is required, a bank of small internal fans activate automatically, to provide a boost of additional warmth.

Both Floortec and ULOW-E2 are said to be perfect for use with low system temperatures, either individually or, as at Garth House Gardens, when used together. Here, the Floortec underfloor system installed on the ground floor provides constant warmth in the shared family areas, while the ULOW-E2 can respond rapidly to changes in heating requirements, providing additional heat and air movement for occupants of the bedrooms on the first floor. For those who prefer a cooler room temperature for sleeping, the ULOW-E2 can be turned up, down or off, as preferred.  In summer, the fans can be deployed to create gentle air movement and freshness.

Andrew Lowery, Marketing Manager for Myson, said: “The use of combinations of heat emitters is growing and, increasingly, we provide total heating solutions to meet the varying needs of developers of both private and public properties. Around 30% of our projects now use a combination of heating technologies, and this is a prime example. The stylish design of the ULOW-E2 and the unobtrusive quality of Floortec underfloor heating meant that neither the aesthetics of the properties, nor their exceptional energy efficiency, would ever be compromised at Garth House Gardens.

“Performance was every bit as important as aesthetics for this project, which is why a combination of ULOW-E2s and Floortec was the perfect solution. Both products have been specifically designed to enable users to operate their heating systems at lower temperatures.”

Myson’s ULOW-E2 has made it possible to reduce the operating temperatures of heat pump powered heating systems from 45°C to 38°C, while maintaining comfortable conditions within the property, all without increasing the size of the emitter. Using E2 technology the ULOW-E2 automatically switches between static and dynamic operation. E2 technology ensures that dynamic operation will only ever activate when required, meaning that the unit combines the high heat output of a fan convector with the convenience of a radiator. In summer, the fans can be used to provide gentle air movement which helps to freshen the room and improve the indoor air quality.

With multiple layout options, each of the Swedish-designed properties will have at least four bedrooms, multiple reception/family rooms and a stunning kitchen. From design to build and completion energy efficiency and performance have been key. Esh fit energy saving and eco-friendly products and features as standard. Sustainable and cost effective building materials have been combined to maximise the energy saving potential of the properties at every stage of the project.

Sophisticated materials and building techniques mean that the properties are airtight, minimising energy loss through drafts. The Trivselhus Climate Shield features closed panels fitted with 240mm insulation and triple glazed windows to minimise energy loss. Each property will feature A-rated appliances, low energy lighting and solar panel technology.

Myson Floortec is suitable for use with all types of wet central heating and can be used alongside a renewable heat source or high efficiency condensing boiler. The company believes this makes it an invaluable resource in a wide range of properties as it is possible to create a system that combines excellent comfort with outstanding performance credentials.

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