WATCH: Mark Vitow FlowPro macerators overview

WATCH: Mark Vitow FlowPro macerators overview

Mark Vitow has produced a range of videos to help installers become more familiar with its range of macerators.

The FlowPro range provides a waste pumping solution whatever the scenario. The range includes models which can process water up to 100°C and which can pump up to 100 metres horizontally and up to 10 metres vertically.

The FP400 series is said to be perfect for domestic applications and offers toolless access for servicing and maintenance.


The FP800 is the most powerful in the range and is designed to be ideal for commercial and heavy use. This model offers the easiest access for servicing and maintenance with the motor removeable in situ. A voice alarm alerts when maintenance is required.

Full technical support is available from the company’s team of engineers. Installers are welcome to contact support during the installation and can utilise WhatsApp video chat if needed.

“We are pleased to have been able to develop our FlowPro support available to merchants and installers over the last few months,” says Matthew Phillips, Managing Director at Mark Vitow. “As well as continuing to offer full technical support for our exclusive range of macerators, we hope that our new FlowPro videos help to highlight the many features and benefits of each model and enable the industry to have the same success and confidence in the FlowPro range that we proudly have here at Mark Vitow Ltd.”

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