Stabila launches new electronic spirit levels 

Stabila launches new electronic spirit levels 

Two new electronic spirit levels have been launched by Stabila – the TECH 196 DL and the TECH 196M DL.  

Both models have two digital displays promptly showing the measurements of inclinations, slopes and angles. 

The TECH 196 DL model is particularly suitable for taking exact measurements in carpentry, joinery, kitchen installation, stair installation and civil engineering while the TECH 196M DL model has an extra strong rare-earth magnet, making it suitable for metal construction, metalwork and concrete formwork. 

The new electronic spirit levels are protected to IP 67 against dust and water. The company says that they can even be temporarily submerged – for up to 30 minutes at a depth of one metre (ULTRA-PROTECT).  

The new levels are also ‘CAL-FREE’. This means that it is not necessary to calibrate the electronics during everyday use. 

For work in poor light conditions, both displays are illuminated to two levels, at the push of a button. The light settings remain even when it is switched off and on again. Another helpful feature is that the digital display automatically turns to the reverse position. 

The new TECH 196 DL and TECH 196M DL electronic spirit levels are available in different lengths. The TECH 196 DL is also available in a new short version of just 23 cm, without vials, in a completely digital design, which is particularly suited to aligning short building elements or for tight spaces. All lengths, except the 23 cm and 40 cm variants, come with a shoulder bag. 

Take a look at Stabila’s video on its new electronic spirit levels

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