Spirotech expands pressurisation range

Spirotech expands pressurisation range

For heating engineers working on light commercial projects and renewable installations, Spirotech has added to its SpiroExpand range of pressurisation solutions designed to improve the efficiency and lifespan of heating and cooling systems.

Currently available in five sizes, from 4 litres up to 25 litres, the new pressure expansion vessel with fixed gas filling features a high-quality bellows membrane, which prevents the system water from coming into contact with the sheet metal wall of the vessel. This clever design helps to reduce corrosion from occurring inside the vessel and can maintain optimum pressure up to five time more efficiently than expansions vessels with a standard flat membrane.

To make servicing and maintenance easier than ever, the new pressure expansion vessel from Spirotech has been designed with the pressure relief valve located on the front facing side of the unit. Additionally, the vessel comes provided with a built-in bracket, for ease of installation.

Dave Goodyer, Area Sales Manager, said: “With more installers working on heat pump systems and larger light-commercial projects, it was important that our range of pressurisation units reflected the evolving customer demand. This newest addition to our SpiroExpand range is deigned to really simplify installation and maintenance for the installer, whilst also providing long-lasting results for the end user, at a crucial time when improving efficiency is more important than ever before.”

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