Salamander Pumps revamps centrifugal portfolio

Salamander Pumps revamps centrifugal portfolio

Salamander Pumps has re-engineered its centrifugal range of shower, bathroom and whole house pumps, significantly reducing noise levels, as well as enhancing strength and reliability.

The new Right Pump collection forms the premium product range available at Salamander Pumps, and features what is reportedly the quietest shower pump in the UK – the RP50PT. From just 45.5dBA, the products in the Right Pump range are some of the quietest shower pumps on the market, having been independently tested. This was confirmed by the range achieving the Quiet Mark award from the Noise Abatement Society.

This product hosts a selection of new benefits, including a reduction in noise and the use of ‘crossover’ technology throughout the whole range to allow the former ‘shower only’ pumps to now power the whole house. The inclusion of a spiders’ web design has strengthened the plastic end caps to enhance strength, rigidity and reliability, and the pressure vessel now sits on the top of the pump rather than the side to make the product more compact.

Installer feedback

Replacing the former ESP, RHP, RSP and RGP range, much of the redevelopment was centred around feedback from installers, highlighting Salamander’s focus on learning from its customers.

Gareth Richards, Technical Director at Salamander Pumps, explained: “Customer feedback tells us that noise is a huge factor when it comes to choosing the right pump, which is why we continually invest thousands of pounds in research and development to reduce turbulence and vibration, and therefore noise.

“Our research and development team has spent more than five years overhauling the entire Salamander product range, developing cutting edge technologies that are new to the pump market, and combining that knowledge with feedback from installers and householders.

“On top of this, some of our customer data showed that having such a wide range of pumps was making it more difficult to choose the right pump for the job, so the launch of Right Pumps means a simplified range with clearer product names to help with product selection.

“The developments include advanced technology and a new look that is more in keeping with our brand and modern product design.”

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