Resideo launches new Kombi pressure independent control valve 

Resideo launches new Kombi pressure independent control valve 

Resideo is extending its HVAC valve range by introducing a new Kombi V5007 Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV): a valve for dynamic balancing with flow control.  

As an automatic, pressure-independent control valve, the Kombi PICV combines the advantages of an automatic pressure-independent flow controller with those of a constant valve, all in one product, covering all flow requirements from DN15 to DN50 applications.  

It combines a flow controller, and when equipped with an actuator, provides full stroke, modulating temperature control. It can be used for balancing temperature, as well as providing temperature control for fan coil units, chilled ceilings and one-pipe systems.  

Commenting on the new valve, Martin Wilson, Sales Director at Resideo said: “As energy costs continue to rise, and businesses look to reduce energy consumption in line with global sustainability agendas, improving commercial energy efficiency is quickly becoming a priority. The new Kombi V5007 PICV is an exciting addition to Resideo’s existing HVAC range as it addresses this challenge directly, introducing dynamic hydraulic balancing to improve whole-system efficiency – providing more than 10% potential overall energy savings. 

“The new valve builds on Resideo’s 60-year legacy of HVAC valve manufacturing, offering dynamic balancing with excellent flow control, making it the ideal solution in commercial settings, to increase energy efficiency and reduce operational costs.” 

For further information on the new Kombi 5007 PICV please visit the Resideo website.  

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