PRODUCT FOCUS: Viega Megapress XL

PRODUCT FOCUS: Viega Megapress XL

PHPI reports on the launch of the Viega Megapress XL.

Viega has extended its range of Megapress press connections with an innovation engineered for larger thick walled steel pipework. The new, cold applied Megapress XL system is designed to be safer and cleaner, and to deliver time savings of up to 80% when compared with welding.

Megapress XL allows thick walled steel tube with diameters between 2.5 and 4in. to be press connected. The specially engineered sealing element within the connector ensures a robust, leak proof seal on a range of materials including seamless, welded, black, galvanised, epoxy-resin-coated and industrially painted tube.

As a cold applied press connection system, Megapress XL eliminates the fire and burn risks associated with welding and the heavy machinery needed to create a threaded tube.

The zinc-nickel coated steel connectors are suitable for applications including heating and cooling systems and is rated for operating temperatures up to 140°C. An extensive range of sleeves, elbows, adapters, reducers, T-pieces and flanges provides flexibility to meet the demands of any installation.

In addition, Viega’s compact Pressgun allows easy installation, even for overhead pipework or where space is limited. The lightweight Pressgun press booster, developed for use with larger Megapress XL connections is compatible with existing Viega tools and has been designed for ease of use.

The Megapress XL fittings also include Viega’s SC-Contur technology. If the connector is inadvertently unpressed, SC-Contur is proven to deliver a 100% positive leak during leakage testing or when the system is filled for the first time. Ensuring a reliable method of detecting these issues early in the process is absolutely critical in helping to avoid costly remedial work after the project is completed.

“For many contractors thick walled steel tube is still the preferred material due to its durability and our Megapress range overcomes many of the issues traditionally associated with its installation,” commented Scott James, Director of Viega. “With the launch of Megapress XL we are delighted to bring the benefits of press connection technology, such as speed and safety, to a far wider range of applications.”

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