PRODUCT FOCUS: Bristan WAVE Digital Shower range

PRODUCT FOCUS: Bristan WAVE Digital Shower range

Digital showers are growing in popularity. Bristan’s Assistant Product Manager, Chris Heath, talks to PHPI about the power behind the digital shower experience and introduces the new WAVE Digital Shower range.

“For over 40 years, Bristan has been producing products designed to fit perfectly into our customers’ needs and lifestyles. From smart design features and easy installation innovations, to our dedicated technical support and advice, we’re always working hard to make life easier for customers. Offering passionate, knowledgeable service with as much integrity as our UK-engineered products.

“This thinking has been channelled into our latest innovative product launch, our brand-new WAVE digital shower range which responds to the demand from homeowners for products that feature the latest technology.”

The Bristan WAVE Digital shower range has been created to offer customers a refreshing, precise and controllable experience – with memory settings and functionality to allow users to set various options such as flow rate, temperature and outlet.

Featuring a built-in thermostat that remotely controls the water temperature and flow, the Bristan WAVE Digital Shower range is engineered to give the perfect temperature every time. Once the user’s ideal temperature has been chosen via the LED touchscreen, intelligent thermostatic technology accurately maintains the temperature and stabilises the flow rate, regardless of changes in water pressure.

For a truly personalised shower, the WAVEPlus features innovative memory settings so that the shower is already at the user’s ideal temperature the moment they step in. It also allows multiple users to store their preferences, including flow rate, temperature and outlet.

The WAVE pushes innovation even further with a pause mode that allows users to stop their shower before soaping or shampooing. The feature then remembers the shower settings used and seamlessly reintroduces them at the tap of the touchscreen. In addition to offering a customisable experience, this feature is ideal for eco-conscious users looking to limit water consumption.

The range includes: the WAVE Single Outlet Touchpad and the WAVEPlus Dual Outlet Touchpad, as well as multiple shower kit options available for both designs. The Bristan WAVE Digital Mixer Shower, Single Outlet with Adjustable Riser kit offers extensive on and off-mode features, including pre-heat settings, pause-mode and flow-adjustments, thermal disinfection and eco-flow rate in a compact device.

Bristan WAVEPlus Digital Mixer Shower, Dual Outlet with Ceiling fed Fixed Head and Adjustable Riser Kit and the Bristan WAVEPlus Digital Mixer Shower, Dual Outlet with Square Fixed Head and Handset also feature the same simple technology as the single outlet, with the addition of individual memory settings and changing the outlet depending on user preference.

Installation of a digital shower may seem more complex, but a key part of the Bristan design process was to find simple ways to make life easier.

The Bristan WAVE range requires a socket to be located nearby, close enough to be reached by a power cord. It’s necessary to find a suitable place for the mixer unit, no further than 1.2m away from a socket and no further than 3m from where the interface unit will be installed.

The company’s digital showers have been designed to have similar specifications to standard mixer showers, with added functionality. What’s more, they’re compatible with pressures above 1bar, so if the customer is on a pressurised or pumped system, they can enjoy the new WAVE digital shower.

Every Bristan shower is tested to comply with water regulations and comes with a five-year warranty.

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