Pentair launches self-regulating heating cable range

Pentair launches self-regulating heating cable range

Pentair has launched its new Raychem Low-Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) self-regulating heating cable range.

Thanks to its combination of self-regulating and LSZH properties, the Raychem LSZH self-regulating heating cable range provides safe, simple and efficient pipe-freeze protection. This offers users superior performance and durability, as well as improved energy efficiency.

Developed specifically for use within commercial and residential buildings, the product range is claimed to offer unparalleled building safety, thanks to a new LSZH jacket material. The new cables meet the requirements of low-smoke testing (with compliance to IEC61034-2), and provide extreme resistance under the IEC62395 flammability test. The range also reduces the risk of toxic smoke inhalation in the event of a building fire and minimises smoke emissions by up to 90 per cent, compared to typical polyolefin jacketed solutions.

XL-Trace features cross-linked materials to improve product performance, resulting in a life expectancy beyond 25 years. This is further supported by an IEC60068-2-5 and IEC60068-2-9 UV resistant material, which remains colourfast under UV exposure and is resistant to mild inorganic substances.
Unlike constant wattage series heaters and zone heating cables, Raychem self-regulating cables vary their power output to heat only when needed. When combined with the brand’s wide range of pipe freeze protection controls, further energy savings of up to 75 per cent can be achieved.

The XL-Trace range is also fully compatible with the RayClic fast connection system. With the insulation displacement connector making the electrical connection, installation time and total installed costs are significantly reduced compared with heat shrink alternatives. Available in extended heating circuit lengths up to 215m, the pipes feature a low bend radius of only 10mm helping users to tightly fit the cable on pipe runs with many angles. The self-regulating cables can also be cut to any length on-site to mitigate design variations. The result is fewer electrical connections, controls, connection wiring and electrical safety devices, generating further savings.

Jonathan Jones, Product Category Manager at Pentair, explains: “The cable industry and its customers are increasingly looking for products that are both safer and easier to use. The Raychem XL-Trace LSZH range offers increased safety without compromising durability or energy efficiency. With its unique properties, it is the safest and most reliable pipe freeze protection choice for modern building design.

“Through our Raychem brand, Pentair has been the pioneer of self-regulating technology and has driven innovation for more than 40 years. It’s this experience that has allowed us to introduce innovative solutions which provide superior security and peace of mind to building engineers, installation contractors and building owners.”

The XL-Trace range of products is available in various power inputs (10, 15, 26 and 31 W/m) to cater for multiple pipe sizes. To access further information, including technical data, visit:

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