Navien NCB gas boilers | Putting hot water first

Navien NCB gas boilers | Putting hot water first

Navien has incorporated its water heating technology into a condensing gas boiler, creating what it describes as the ultimate combi crossover. Using the same fundamentals as the company’s number 1 selling NPE water heater, Navien’s new NCB700, as well as the NCB500 and NCB300, prioritise hot water performance, with the latter two models fitting inside a cupboard with ease. This ensures the NCB family meets all levels of DHW demand while maximising hot water comfort.

The flagship product in the range is the powerful combi crossover NCB700, capable of supplying up to three showers at the same time. Thanks to its custom-built hydraulic block assembly, which includes a mixing valve, flow adjustment valve and recirculation pump, constant temperature and hot water delivery are guaranteed. The boiler also offers flow rates up to 22 litres per minute (at 35°C temperature rise).

All NCB700 boilers can also be used in conjunction with the NaviCirc recirculation valve, which makes it even easier to set up a secondary hot water return system. This simple plumbing device uses existing pipework to reduce the waiting time for hot water at the tap, via the addition of a dedicated recirculation return pipe. As a result, not only is the boiler more economical to use, it can save homeowners up to 7,787 litres of water per year.

Available in two models capable of delivering up to 42 and 54kW of hot water respectively, the boiler also features a turndown ratio of 15:1 and can also achieve ErP A+ when used with Navien’s Smart Plus controller.

Elsewhere in the range, the NCB500 also utilises Navien’s flow adjustment valve and auto mixing valve for superb hot water comfort. Available with hot water outputs of either 37 or 41kW, this boiler offers all-round heating and hot water capabilities, thanks to a series of high-quality components that ensure long-term efficiencies and reliability.

Finally, the NCB family is completed by the NCB300 – a pared down version of its larger cousins, but still capable of outstanding hot water delivery, thanks to its quality construction and high-tech components. There are three models available, providing DHW outputs of 28, 37 and 41kW, all ideal for smaller properties where reliability and consistent hot water temperatures are a priority.

All new boilers across the NCB range are hydrogen-ready (20% blend) and utilise stainless steel heat exchangers. Navien has been developing its condensing heat exchanger technology for over 30 years.

Both the NCB500 and NCB300 are designed to be fitted and used in conjunction with Navien’s Smart Plus control pack; doing so increases their overall efficiency to an A+ ErP energy rating.

Commenting on the NCB family, Jason Davies, National Business Manager at Navien, said: “Our next generation gas combis have been designed to provide ample amounts of hot water to a variety of properties. Not only do we have the NCB700, that can supply larger homes with water for up to three showers simultaneously without needing a storage cylinder, there’s also the NCB500 and NCB300 – both of which can fit inside a cupboard with ease, without compromising energy efficiency or performance.

“All our new NCB boilers are hydrogen-ready and futureproof, while retaining the exceptional levels of quality and hot water delivery for which Navien is internationally renowned. So, if anybody is looking to save money, energy and water, it makes sense to join our NCB family!”

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