FlueSnug endorsed by Navien

FlueSnug endorsed by Navien

Navien has endorsed FlueSnug, the universal flue seal that replaces the need to mortar or use sealant around pipework and helps installers quickly and easily comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.

FlueSnug fits a 152mm core drilled hole and can be installed in seconds, ensuring a building’s fabric is impenetrable to draughts, water, pests and insects. It can be used externally and internally and is flexible enough to be pushed through a core drilled hole, eliminating any health and safety risks or the need for expensive equipment when working at height.

Fitting FlueSnug also ensures that installers are complying with the recently revised Part L of the Building Regulations, which mandates the use of pipe seals.

“We see the benefit FlueSnug brings for our customers, with its strong rubber seal that sits flush against the fabric opening after core drilling,” says Sean Keleher, National Technical Manager for Navien. “FlueSnug ensures the building’s air tightness is not compromised and it is also aesthetically pleasing.”

“We are delighted Navien has endorsed our products and we look forward to seeing more FlueSnugs being fitted as part of Navien boiler installations,” says Alex Lever, Director of PipeSnug.


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