‘MukGuard’ overshoe keeps floors clean  

‘MukGuard’ overshoe keeps floors clean  

Created by V12 Footwear, the MukGuard overshoe has been designed to protect floors from mud or dirt being brought in from outside. As it is reusable, it can also help in reducing plastic consumption.  

The company behind it says that as MukGuard is reusable, resilient and washable, a MukGuard wearer won’t ever need to buy another harmful and disposable plastic overshoe again. 

As well as being sustainable, MukGuard is also about safety. V12 Footwear says that in lab tests it was proven to offer 75% more grip than plastic overshoes, helping to reduce slips, trips and falls. 

Additionally, as it is constructed from a stretchy multi-directional Neoprene material it promises a snug fit. 

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