Hansgrohe introduces Pulsify Planet Edition 

Hansgrohe introduces Pulsify Planet Edition 

In many households, the hot shower represents a significant source of energy costs and CO2 emissions but is also a much-used item in the bathroom. This can create a conflict for users, wanting to meet their wellness needs whilst also being conscious of conserving water and energy.  

To help ease this, hansgrohe has introduced the Pulsify Planet Edition hand-shower. According to the manufacturer, the product represents both a holistic approach to product innovation, considering both user experience and sustainability, and also considers resource conservation in all areas of the product life cycle.  

Steffen Erath, Head of Sustainability, Hansgrohe SE, explained: “Taking a hot shower for one minute consumes about as much energy as driving an electric car full throttle on the road for the same amount of time – with Pulsify Planet, we had to make sure this high energy usage was being addressed.”  

To reduce energy usage, Pulsify Planet only has six litres of water flowing through the hand shower per minute. 

Raphael Zajac, Product Management at Hansgrohe, explained: “We looked at all aspects of the product life cycle, and managed to switch to a recyclate wherever water didn’t flow through the Pulsify Planet Edition. Looking at the production process, we focused on cycles to ensure the materials could be recycled for as long as possible. This not only reduces the use of resources but also lowers transportation routes needed in the manufacturing process.”  

To close the loop in the sustainability principle ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’, the handle of the Pulsify Planet Edition is made from recycled plastic, and manufactured chrome-free.  

Pulsify Planet Edition will be available in the UK from September 2023, to find out more, head to  

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