MHIAE launches new Monobloc Heat Pump range 

MHIAE launches new Monobloc Heat Pump range 

MHIAE (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Conditioning Europe, Ltd.) has introduced the Hydrolution EZY range of A2W heat pumps. Designed to deliver heating, cooling, and hot water for residential properties, the Hydrolution EZY is available in two models,10kW and 14kW. 

Featuring R32 refrigerant, Hydrolution EZY includes anti-vibration technology designed to reduce sound power levels, including noise to 60dB (A) in the 10kW class model, even when running at full capacity. The company says the addition of a quiet mode also reduces operational noise to aid with compliance with various noise regulations. 

Hydrolution EZY units have been designed to work effectively in a wide range of outside temperatures, from -25 to 43, and, according to MHIAE, can deliver 60 hot water even when the outside temperature is -25℃.  

The Uplink platform, a dedicated app designed for real-time performance monitoring, is integrated with the Hydrolution EZY.  

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