KNIPEX | New Pliers Wrench Sets

KNIPEX | New Pliers Wrench Sets

KNIPEX has introduced two new Pliers Wrench Sets – Medium and Large – alongside the Extra Large Set, all stored safely in a practical, hardwearing, fabric tool roll which can be easily attached with a hook-and-loop fastener.

The KNIPEX Pliers Wrenches are both pliers and a wrench in a single tool and replace the need for a whole set of metric and imperial spanners – you can quickly adjust the jaw size with the push of a button with no unintentional shift of the gripping jaws and no slipping of the joint. The Pliers Wrenches allow you to grip, hold, press and bend workpieces easily and the smooth jaws mean damage free installation of plated fittings – even when working directly on chrome.

There are now three Pliers Wrench sets available, each holding Pliers Wrenches in different sizes with slim, plastic-coated handles. Medium (00 19 55 S6) has three tools in 125, 180 and 250mm lengths, Large (00 19 55 S7) contains tools in lengths of 150, 250 and 300mm and Extra Large (00 19 55 S4) is equipped with five Pliers Wrenches in 125, 150, 180, 250 and 300mm lengths.

Held safely in a tough polyester fabric roll that protects from damage, these sets are designed to be perfect for the tradesperson who wants to keep their well-used tools close at hand!

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