Keep commercial systems in good health 

Keep commercial systems in good health 

A solution to help keep sludge and limescale build-up under control in commercial buildings. 

One aspect of maintaining commercial and industrial heating systems is the prevention of sludge and limescale build up. One solution to help achieve this is the Trappex Flowmatic Industrial Filter which has been designed to ensure the optimal functioning and durability of heating systems in industrial applications.  

The Trappex Flowmatic Industrial Filter has a 2″ to 12″ pipe capacity and features an automatic air vent for deaeration. It also has a built-in lidless feature to prevent leakages. Made from high-grade robust stainless steel and with rustproof 12000 Gauss neodymium magnets it carries a 10-year warranty, to give peace of mind to installers and their customers. 

Sludge build-up
The accumulation of sludge and limescale can lead to numerous problems impacting the system’s efficiency and lifespan. Sludge, a mix of dirt, rust, and other debris, can cause blockages and restrict flow, leading to uneven heating and increased energy usage. Limescale, formed from hard water minerals, can coat heating elements and internal pipework, reducing heat transfer efficiency and increasing energy costs. 

By removing these particles the Trappex Flowmatic can help in maintaining the health of the heating system. By preventing the build-up of sludge and limescale, it can help in reducing energy costs, extend equipment lifespan, improve system performance and reduce maintenance and downtime. 

Flow path
The Trappex Flowmatic removes the contaminants from the system by creating a flow path within the heating system, through which water is continuously cycled. As water passes through the filter, a combination of mechanical and magnetic filtration methods are employed to trap both non-ferrous and ferrous particles. The unit features a magnetic core, designed to capture small ferrous particles, which can be troublesome in terms of forming blockages and reducing efficiency.  

The filter incorporates a high-capacity collection chamber, designed to allow for extended periods of operation without the need for frequent maintenance, an important factor in industrial settings where system uptime is often crucial. 

The Trappex range features a wide product selection for domestic and commercial filters as well as scale reducers. 

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