Henco launches Pro-Fit fitting system

Henco launches Pro-Fit fitting system

Henco has launched its WRAS approved Pro-Fit fitting system which requires no press tools, calibration or pipe insert meaning installers can cut the pipes and push them into the Henco Pro-Fit fitting.

Lee Kenney, Regional Sales Manager for Henco UK and ROI, said: “Henco Pro-Fit may be small, but it is mighty. With Henco Pro-Fit you are guaranteed a fitting which is fast to install, versatile, robust, secure and detectable. It is a unique fitting within the market and has been designed to make the lives of installers easier and in turn give their customers complete peace of mind.”

The fitting has a visual indicator to show the pipe is completely pushed home as well as no requirement for additional tube liners. The integrated liner also means external scratched pipework is not an issue for the Henco Pro-Fit fitting.

One of the key benefits of the Henco Pro-Fit fitting is he EDPM O-Ring is already inside the fitting, minimising errors on installation as well as speeding up the process and reducing the risk of leaks. With Henco Pro-Fit the installer is also guaranteed a non-demountable solution so the fitting cannot be easily or accidently moved or loosened. Henco Pro-Fit is also detectable when installed meaning that even if the fitting and the pipe is hidden behind a wall or under the floor, it can still be found to avoid accidently drilling through or damaging the pipe.

The Henco Pro-Fit has been tested to ensure it can safely operate at 95° and a pressure of 10 Bar. This is also matched to the performance of the pipe to ensure consistency and reliability across the system.

It also comes with transition couplers available in 16mm, 20mm and 26mm and is compatible with a wide range of pipes that can connect to existing pipping of 15mm, 22mm and 28mm Cu, Pex, PB or Pert. The body of the unit is made of high-grade synthetic material or brass CW617.

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