Grant UK | Heat Pump Maintenance Kit

Grant UK | Heat Pump Maintenance Kit

A Heat Pump Maintenance Kit, which includes the essential items needed to look after an Aerona³ air source heat pump, is now available from Grant UK. These kits will be available to members of the G1 Installer Scheme and to heating engineers who complete air source heat pump product training through one of its Training Academies.

The Grant Heat Pump Maintenance Kit is a useful addition for any heating engineer who maintains and services Aerona³ air source heat pumps. The kit comprises core items that are required when servicing a Grant heat pump which are all supplied in a compact, branded holdall bag. The kit includes the following: 5ltr Spear and Jackson water sprayer, Kane voltage tester, soft bristle brush, PZ1 Stubby Pozidrive screwdriver, 3mm flat head electrical screwdriver [3mm], refractometer and lightweight protective work gloves.

The Aerona³ air source heat pump has been designed to be straightforward to install, set up and maintain with these new packs designed to complement servicing. Annual servicing is recommended on all Grant heat pumps so that both the unit and the system can be assessed, ensuring that everything is operating correctly and able to do so as efficiently as possible. The items included in the Grant Heat Pump Maintenance Pack each have a use during a heat pump service with the soft bristle brush, for example, designed to clean the evaporator and the refractometer which is used to measure the glycol.

Grant’s Heat Pump Maintenance Kit will be available to G1 Installers and to heating engineers who complete product training at one of Grant UK’s Training Academies. For G1 Installers, simply log on to the G1 Portal ( and visit the Shop to place an order. Meanwhile, installers or engineers who complete the Grant Air Source Heat Pump product training course at one of the Academies in Devizes, Hawes or Livingston can also place an order via a member of the Training Team.

“Our new Heat Pump Maintenance Kits should prove to be an essential addition to an engineer’s van if they regularly work with Grant heat pumps,” comments Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing at Grant UK. “The kit items are all neatly packed into the Grant UK branded holdall so engineers have everything they need for a heat pump service in one place. We hope they will prove popular for our G1 installers who are already working with Aerona³ heat pumps as well as with engineers who are newly trained on the range.”

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