Fergus launches new ‘Essentials’ and ‘Pro’ plans  

Fergus launches new ‘Essentials’ and ‘Pro’ plans  

Fergus has announced the launch of two new ‘simpler’ plans designed to help all trade businesses, from start-ups, to sole traders, all the way through to growing businesses with multiple subbies on the tools.   

The company says that the introduction of the new “Fergus Essentials” and “Fergus Pro” options for the job management software offers a number of cost effective and tailored features, ‘ensuring that, no matter the size or stage of the business, Fergus is there to support them on their journey’.  

“For those just starting out or running small businesses, Fergus Essentials is the perfect, cost-effective choice. It offers the essential tools necessary to efficiently manage their company and make their lives better,” said James Chillman, UK Country Manager at Fergus.  

“With Essentials, you can access a range of features including job tracking, quoting and estimating, invoicing, calendar, timesheets, job cards and more – all accessible on desktop or mobile. You don’t need to be digitally savvy to use it – just download the App to get started and begin to get the hours back you would have otherwise spent chasing paper.” 

Fergus Essentials, available from just £19 per user per month. 

To ensure that every user gets the most out of the package the company provides help with onboarding How-To-Use videos, Live Chat and email support is available to assist with any queries or concerns. Fergus also invites users to participate in their “Tools Down” sessions, where they can interact directly with experts to get their questions answered and learn how to maximise the potential of the software. 

“Fergus grows with your business. We believe in providing quality services that cater to our customers at every stage,” continued James. “As your business expands, Fergus Essentials allows for a seamless upgrade to the full Fergus Pro package of job management services, providing access to the complete suite of Fergus products.” 

Fergus Pro is a plan that allows users access to a comprehensive range of features, allowing users to manage and streamline every aspect of a trades business. 

“Fergus Pro is designed to cater to the specific needs of larger companies, providing a full suite of powerful job management services,” said James. “With features like advanced project management, team collaboration tools, real-time reporting and enhanced customisation options, Fergus Pro becomes an indispensable asset in driving business success.” 

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