Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages

Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages

Designed to help installers save time, the Electric Heating Company has introduced its Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages.

Installers know that time is a precious commodity and that solutions promising time saving benefits can help to speed through a job. One solution designed with this concept in mind is EHC’s Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages – which the company says have been designed to blend convenience, efficiency, and innovation. 

The Comet and SlimJim Electric Boiler and Cylinder Packages include all essential parts and components – designed to save installers valuable time. With a diverse range of options, the Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages cater to various needs, spanning from 7kW to 14.4kW boilers and 120L to 210L cylinders – providing a solution for both compact spaces and larger residences. 

Tailored to meet the needs of properties equipped with a bath, EHC calls its Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages, “an ideal heating and hot water solution.” While electric instantaneous water heaters are an option, the company says that if the property features a bath, the inclusion of a hot water cylinder becomes essential. Its packages are therefore designed to deliver efficient and reliable heating as well as catering to the requirement for a hot water cylinder, for a comprehensive solution for properties. 

Energy efficiency
With efficiency gaining more importance all the time, EHC says its Electric Boilers are, “proudly 100% energy efficient, ensuring optimal use of resources while keeping operational costs in check.” There is also a 24-hour control feature that allows users to fine-tune the heating and hot water systems according to their preferences and schedules. 

It also says the packages can also be integrated into underfloor heating setups. The Boiler & Cylinder Packages are also equipped with in-built fault finding diagnostics, included to provide peace of mind and quick troubleshooting. 

Another solution is Pre-Plumbed Cylinder Packs. These pre-wired and pre-plumbed set-ups are engineered to save up to 70% of installation time. They encompass an array of components, including the 24/7 programmer, thermostat, automatic bypass, auto air vent, and more. 

EHC’s Electric Boiler Packages can also be adapted to different set-ups. The Indirect Cylinder Package, for instance, leverages the Electric Boiler as the heat source for both radiators and the hot water cylinder. The company says that this design results in fast reheating times. Another option is the Direct Cylinder Package which caters to traditional heat-only installations. 

Central to EHC’s offer is the Comet Electric Boiler & Cylinder which features a 9kW Comet Electric Boiler and a 180L Direct Stainless Steel Cylinder. The company’s range also includes single-phase Electric System Boilers ranging from 9kW to 14.4kW which are suited to various property sizes and needs. 

Chris Allan, Service & Technical Director at EHC, said: “In a world where every second counts, EHC’s Electric Boiler & Cylinder Packages stand as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and quality. These packages not only redefine the heating and hot water landscape but also elevate the installer’s experience. With a focus on simplification, safety, and performance, EHC empowers installers to deliver the best, carrying forward the legacy of the renowned EHC Brand and ensuring a future of comfort and reliability.” 

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