Bosch unveils GLM 120 laser measure

Bosch unveils GLM 120 laser measure

Bosch has unveiled the GLM 120 C Professional laser measure. PHPI reports.

The measurement of lengths, areas, volumes and inclines couldn’t be easier and more efficient thanks to the GLM 120 C Professional laser measure. The tool is designed to be ideal for all trades that rely upon fast and precise measurements both indoors and outdoors. Previously it was difficult to precisely identify the laser point of a laser measure in bright environments or over long distances. This is where the new GLM 120 C Professional comes into play. It is the first laser measure from Bosch to come with an integrated camera and users can use this and the cross-hair on the display to precisely aim for the target point – and, as a result, they can also precisely measure over large distances of up to 120m. The camera has a resolution of five megapixels, works with a three-stage zoom, saves up to 700 images and shows the last 50 images – along with the measured values – in the display. This means that each individual measurement can be assigned.

Bluetooth interface

Thanks to the Bluetooth interface, the values can be transferred directly to the Measuring Master App. This means that, for example, you can share measured data with colleagues, carry out material calculations, or create and adjust floor plans. Furthermore, the app is used as a remote control for the GLM 120 C Professional, meaning that measurements can be taken without blurring and without assistance. The Measuring Master App is available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, a Micro-USB interface means that the internal memory can be read on the PC as a CSV list and JPEG.

Simple operation

The product focuses on simple operation using the selection wheel, as was the case with the GLM 50 C Professional. The functions that can be selected include, for example, the stake-out function, with which you can very quickly measure and mark equal distances. The tool also features a 360° tilt sensor, so it can be used to measure inclines and as a digital spirit level. Furthermore, you can switch the GLM 120 C Professional on or off using an additional measurement button on the side, and trigger the measuring process so that you can guarantee comfortable and flexible handling in any environment. The newly integrated user guidance offers tradespeople help in the form of text and animations, right from the first time they use the tool. The automatic detection of the measuring pin is also new – the tool detects when the pin is fully extended, for example for measurements out of a corner. In this case, users do not have to manually switch the reference – they only have to confirm this. This minimises measurement errors.

Colour display with robust protective screen

Users can read and check the last four measurements and the current measurement result on the 2.8 inch colour display during the measurement. This rotates automatically, as with smartphones, allowing the user to easily read off values in any situation and at any incline. The same display technology is also used: The LCD module is firmly attached to the glass surface, meaning that the light is not broken in the space and is not reflected. In addition, the display can be easily viewed from every perspective – even from the side. This means that it is easier to read, in contrast to traditional laser measures, particularly when used outdoors. Thanks to the robust protective screen, the GLM 120 C Professional can withstand use on site.

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