ADEY’s MagnaClean Micro2 turns 10

ADEY’s MagnaClean Micro2 turns 10

The MagnaClean Micro2 compact filter is celebrating a decade of helping to remove magnetite and debris from smaller heating systems.

The filter was specifically designed to be streamlined and fit easily into tight spaces while still providing exceptional protection against the damage caused by the presence of sludge in the heating system.

Freja Russell, Business Development Manager at TSG, a multi-disciplined building service and construction company that offers service and maintenance for new builds, refurbishments and existing properties, commented: “We have been using ADEY’s Micro2 filter since it launched. It has provided a host of benefits such as being easy to install and reliable. Not only this, but it’s a cost-effective solution that gives TSG the ability to install a heating system that is protected for years to come. We’re very happy with the performance it offers as this allows us to use the product within different installation scenarios and help boost business.

“What’s more, ADEY is a recognised and trusted brand that both TSG and our clients are happy to use as a tried and tested product.”

Designed to raise industry standards across the heating system, not just the boiler, the latest changes to BS7593:2019 also recommend the inclusion of an inline filter to protect against the damaging effects of sludge. Magnetite can build up in untreated central heating systems, making them inefficient, causing cold spots on radiators and even boiler breakdowns.

Guy Belliere, Managing Director at BSW Heating, added: “We’re extremely proud to be using the ADEY MagnaClean Micro2 product. Its compact design and reliability provide an excellent solution for our current and future customers and gives us the flexibility to install a performance filter where space dictates a larger one is just not an option.”

Tom Hood, UK & Ireland Sales Director for ADEY, said: “The Micro2 filter is one of the most popular products in the ADEY range and is trusted by installers up and down the country. We are constantly improving our range of products so that installers can confidently recommend the very best solutions to their customers. What’s more, we are continuously investing in our training academy so that we can offer the best training sessions to installers, which cover both the product and advice when it comes to installation.”

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