2020 PRODUCT REVIEW: Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection

2020 PRODUCT REVIEW: Aqualisa Smart Quartz Collection

Aqualisa’s Smart Quartz Collection promised to propel the shower into the world of smart home technology. The smart shower range brings internet connectivity and control via an app, through the Aqualisa Smart Valve, the brains behind the system. The technology allows homeowners to control their Smart shower via WIFI, connecting through residential WIFI networks to the Aqualisa Smart Valve (ASV) using safe and secure best practice for IoT/Connected devices. The unit also integrates into established smart home eco-systems via voice control – using Alexa.

User benefits include precise temperature and a powerful showering experience. Shower profiles can be pre-set for each member of the family to ensure they can each, consistently, get into a shower they enjoy. Aqualisa CEO, Colin Sykes, said: “The smart shower has arrived – creating unprecedented personalisation and convenience to showering in homes that are increasingly geared to smart technology.”


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