QRL responds to manufacturing growth

QRL responds to manufacturing growth

New figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that UK manufacturing is expanding at its fastest rate in a decade, following a seventh consecutive month of growth in November 2017. Geraint Roberts, Production Director at QRL Radiator Group, hails the development as ‘hugely encouraging’ for UK business and industry – and reiterates the vital importance of buying British to support the nation’s economy.

Geraint comments:  “QRL Radiator Group is a keen supporter of and contributor to the UK economy, so we couldn’t be happier to hear UK manufacturing output is at a 10-year high. With manufacturing making up around 10% of the country’s economy, the fact that the sector is thriving is a hugely encouraging sign – not only for UK business and industry, but also for the nation’s financial affairs in general. During a time of undeniable political uncertainty, concrete evidence that demand for UK products is on the up provides welcome reassurance of the country’s ability to hold its own in a global market.

“As a leading manufacturer of Great British radiators, we’re extremely proud to fly the flag for UK-made products. Not only does QRL manufacture its Barlo panel and design radiators on UK soil in Newport, Wales, but we do so using British steel, sourced locally – and we pride ourselves on being a major local employer too.

“We firmly believe that buying British is the right thing to do – not only commercially and politically, but economically and environmentally too – and we implore fellow businesses to join our cause and help us lead by example. The question we’re posing is loud and clear: if you can buy a British-made product without compromising on quality, price or value, then why would you go elsewhere?”

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