Green gas is key, says EUA

Green gas is key, says EUA

‘Green gas is key to decarbonising heat in the UK’ was the message delivered to delegates of the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC), at the heat transformation event by the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) CEO Mike Foster on Wednesday 18th January.

Mr Foster said: “For some time EUA has been raising awareness of the unquestionable benefits of ‘green gas’ and this message has been very well received. We all know that decarbonising heat is tricky, but necessary if we are to meet our climate change obligations, and gas has a critical role to play in the process.

“The gas grid currently delivers gas into the homes of over 85% of the UK population and there is little appetite to simply abandon gas and start again with a new system, not to mention the enormous costs involved. Decarbonising the gas flowing through the grid offers an obvious solution.

“Both the Government and industry recognise this and so the focus now is really on how and when, rather than ‘what if’. Delegates were fascinated by the progress made to date on biogas, bioSNG, and the very real potential offered by hydrogen captivated the audience.

“Using a range of green gases we can offer a cost effective way of meeting our 2050 carbon reduction targets, whilst keeping our hot water running and the heating on.’


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