Win an Amazon voucher with Hep2O

Win an Amazon voucher with Hep2O

Hep2O is offering UK plumbers the chance to with a £50 Amazon voucher by taking part in a ‘state of the nation’ survey.

The survey aims to get a better understanding of the trade and will, among other things, investigate whether the stereotypical plumber has changed. And, if so, what the typical professional looks like and cares about today. Are plumbers secret softies, watching romantic films and tucking into salads and herbal teas? Or are they football fans who live on coffee and can’t resist a takeaway?

The survey, which can be found at, is open to all UK practicing plumbers as Hep2O looks to understand the challenges and opportunities plumbers face in the UK – including their main gripes about customers and their own opinions on the biggest issues facing the industry. Hep2O hopes the survey will allow it to better understand and support the plumbing community.

This ‘state of the nation’ survey comes after many years of seismic change in the industry. In the last 20 years, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the number of those employed in the energy and water supply industry has boomed from 144,000 in September ’87, to 210,000 in September ’17. Alongside this near 50% employee boom, the number of female employees has increased by 64% in the last ten years (ONS).

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