Wilo’s agenda to replace inefficient pumps part of sustainability commitments 

Wilo’s agenda to replace inefficient pumps part of sustainability commitments 

Wilo has set out its plans to achieve net zero carbon after releasing its latest Sustainability Report detailing its business-wide sustainability commitments.  

The company reported 93% annual growth in sustainability in 2022, assuring efficiency and innovation within the wider industry.  

The company’s commitment to energy efficiency is outlined in its agenda to replace inefficient pumps. Wilo’s energy solutions engage end-users of its product offering to upgrade their pump equipment to more energy efficient and carbon-conscious alternatives. Customers can access free energy audits, physically proving to them how much energy and carbon they can save by switching to a more efficient product. 

Commenting on the report, Lee Tebbatt, Managing Director at Wilo UK, said: “The Wilo Group’s ongoing commitment to sustainability is a glowing testament to our values and culture. With a number of significant landmarks achieved, and ongoing development of our smart pump offering, the report marks sustainability at the top of the Wilo agenda. 

“While lowering emissions remains a key focus, we extended our commitments across a much wider scope in 2022, extending into this year and beyond. Water sustainability was one of our priorities for the year, with a significant focus on the accessibility and conservation of clean water supply. Wilo facilitated access to clean water for 100m people, strategised a 35% annual growth rate in smart water solutions and importantly, set a strict target of 20% reduction in water consumption by 2025.”  

Lee concludes: “Our contribution to water, energy and carbon saving in the UK has always been held in high regard across the wider Wilo Group and I am tremendously proud to lead the team who deliver such great work.”  

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