Westco announces name change

Westco announces name change

Westco Flow Control has announced that it has changed its name to COMAP UK Ltd, after initially being purchased by the French Industrial Group 18 years ago.

Commenting on the development, Managing Director, Nick Horton, said: “Today, we are delighted to take this opportunity to share this positive development between our two companies.

“This is much more than a simple name change. It is a tangible sign that our company is the sole representative of COMAP Group’s thermal and sanitary efficiency solutions in the UK, and part of the network boasted by COMAP in more than 20 countries.”

COMAP products and services span design, installation, operation, repair and maintenance and will also bring a new thermal and sanitary efficiency offer to the UK market from 2019. It is hoped, this will benefit all stakeholders involved with heating and cooling systems and sanitary installations.

In addition to the company’s existing product ranges, COMAP will also be introducing products such as taps and mixers, water quality systems and a new multilayer push-fit system to the market. To complement and support its offer, COMAP also plans to improve its services to make product selection easier and enable fast and constant access to information.

Nick added: “Westco’s existing position as part of the COMAP family has allowed us to grow and develop our business and our extensive portfolio. Today, we enter an exciting new chapter as we strengthen this relationship even further.

“A provider of complete solutions for heating, air conditioning and domestic water systems, COMAP has a strong international presence. By changing our name and closer aligning ourselves with the COMAP brand, we are confident that we can capitalise on this global authority to better provide the UK’s plumbing and heating professionals with the products they need to service every job.

“Because of our long-standing relationship with COMAP, our customers can also be sure of continued levels of service and product excellence. They can still order the same great products, from the same people, in the same way.”

As well as the name change, Westco will also take on the COMAP corporate identity and change its website to www.comap.co.uk.

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