WATCH: New video to help installers reassure customers about the future of heating

WATCH: New video to help installers reassure customers about the future of heating

Worcester Bosch has launched a new animation aimed to support installers who want to educate their customers on what the future of domestic heating may look like.

The way the country heats its homes is changing, with carbon reduction targets set at net zero by 2050 by the Government. Nearly every month new information, regulation or policy is announced, which is causing alarm and confusion about how we will heat our homes – with the main issue revolving around the ban of natural gas boilers from 2025.

‘The Future of Home Heating’ is designed to be a short, informative video for installers to present to customers, which takes a look at the facts behind the headlines.

For example, it reassures that gas boilers will not be banned from 2025 in existing properties as well as looking at technology that may be introduced in the future such as 100% hydrogen boilers or electric heat pumps.

Carl Arntzen, CEO of Worcester Bosch, commented: “We are already hearing from installers and heating engineers that their customers are raising concerns about the natural gas boiler ban. Some are even replacing boilers that are still only halfway through their lifetime.

“As the debate around reducing our carbon footprint and trials into new heating technologies continue, we felt that a simple explanation to homeowners of what the future of heating could look like was essential. If the UK rushes to replace their heating systems with heat pumps prematurely they may restrict themselves from switching to a more suitable technology such as 100% hydrogen in the future.

“At Worcester Bosch, we are committed to a sustainable future and we want to ensure that installers have the right information and guidance to inform their customers about domestic heating.”

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