Truckman launches conversion service

Truckman launches conversion service

Truckman has launched a new service which will offer racking systems and a comprehensive fit-out service to support plumbing professionals.

The conversion service will offer a bespoke full turn-key solution tailored to small fleet managers and sole traders. It will include services such as project managing the conversion and investigating what vehicle security, graphics and specialist electrics the customer would benefit from.

The new conversion service will also cover a range of racking accessories, including ply lining, inverters, bespoke decals, electrical charging systems decals, plus many more.

The ALUCA racking is available for a wide variety of vans and pick-ups and is said to be beneficial for many industries, due to it being 20% lighter than most competitors (fuel saving and decreasing payload), 100% recyclable, crash tested, including an 8-year warranty, easy installation, reliability, security and easy accessibility for users.

As part of the company’s plans to expand its pick-up racking capabilities, industry professional Carl Bowcock has been appointed to head up this new venture as Business Unit Manager and Value-Added Services.

Carl said: “Truckman is always looking for ways to expand its services to accommodate businesses of all sizes and from a diverse range of industries. The versatility and accessibility provided by the ALUCA racking will help overcome issues faced by many plumbing professionals.”

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