Struggling to sell smart thermostats?

Struggling to sell smart thermostats?

Selling smart thermostats to your customers can seem like a daunting task. You might be worried that the customer is a technophobe, or concerned that you don’t have enough knowledge to answer all their questions.

Although you may be apprehensive about jumping on the smart controls bandwagon, there is an increasing demand for these devices. Sales of smart thermostats are set to rise by a massive 40% in 2016 according to reports, meaning there is great potential to boost business with smart controls installations and upgrades.

So what top tips can you follow in order to best recommend a smart thermostat to your customer?

Ask about energy concerns
Discuss any worries they have around their current energy usage – are they looking for ways to reduce consumption to save money? Have they noticed the cost of gas and electricity has gone up significantly in the past eight years? If bills are becoming too high to afford, they will need to look into ways of being more energy efficient.

Discuss plans to reduce usage
Chat to the customer about how they plan to reduce the amount of energy they use. Maybe they will turn the heating on less often, rationing it throughout the winter months. But is this the most effective way to lower bills while keeping happy and warm at home? The answer is likely to be no, and this offers the ideal opportunity to present a better option.

Talk through the options
A better way to reduce bills is to make sure they have an efficient heating system in place. Maybe they could install a new boiler that offers higher efficiencies, and therefore savings. If the cost of boiler replacement is too high, they could have a smart heating controls system fitted to provide an intelligent way to heat their home.

Chat about return on investment
Although a smart thermostat can cost anywhere from £150 to £250, the customer can quickly get this value back in the money saved on energy. Adding a modern ‘TPI’ room thermostat plus TRVs to a conventional heating system can reduce energy costs by 53%, and new smart devices can take this even further with the enhanced control they offer. Discussing these savings with your customers can persuade them to opt for a smart controls upgrade.

Reassure them of quick and easy installation
A simple smart thermostat that is wireless and features an industry standard backplate makes controls upgrades quick and easy, with installations taking as little as ten minutes, meaning a quick job for you and lower costs to the homeowner.

So don’t be afraid to suggest a smart thermostat to your customers, as there is the potential for your customer to save a significant amount on their energy bills. There are a rising number of options in the market, with one being Drayton’s miGenie collection, meaning installers can provide greater product offerings as well.

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