Stroma launches Group Competence Scheme

Stroma launches Group Competence Scheme

Stroma Certification has been granted approval to offer a UKAS accredited Group Competence Scheme (GCS).

Receiving this accreditation enables Stroma Certification to provide Competent Management System Certification, in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO 17021:2011 for the Gas Group Competence Scheme, for companies with a large number of gas installers. Stroma Certification’s GCS certifies companies which already carry out assessments of their gas installer employees and go over and above the requirements of the industry standard Accredited Competency Scheme (ACS).

Stroma Certification is one of the first bodies in the industry to offer a UKAS accredited GCS, and is currently the only body accredited to provide certification for commercial measures. The scheme offers certification in line with the core gas safety elements for a vast scope of major gas work, including:

  • Domestic natural gas and LPG work
  • Commercial natural gas and LPG work
  • Commercial Catering natural gas and LPG work
  • Commercial Laundry natural gas and LPG work
  • LPG External Pipework and Vessels

The release of Stroma Certification’s UKAS accredited Group Competence Scheme adds to the certification body’s current offering of installer certification to major UK trades, which includes certification for electricians, plumbers, heating professionals, ventilation specialists and renewables installers. GCS certification is awarded to the company to acknowledge that their company procedures and gas installers are working compliantly against updates to gas regulations within a year of them being released. Stroma Certification also offers a UKAS accredited Competent Person Scheme (CPS) for sole trader gas installers to enable them to self-certify their work as compliant in line with the Building Regulations.

Stroma is committed to maximising members’ existing strengths to ascertain whether compliance under GCS can be achieved. It operates on-site assessments to ensure the certification process for GCS Certification is cost and time effective. The approach encompasses an application and auditing procedure which ensures gas installers are still available for work whilst their organisation completes the certification process. Obtaining Stroma GCS Certification entails a number of benefits for gas organisations, including annual competency checks, in house or on site delivery, reduced travel and administration costs, reduced installer downtime and expert technical support.

Stroma Certification’s new launch comes in partnership with EU Skills, an organisation committed to finding competent installers for the country’s electricity, gas, water and waste networks. Supported by UKAS and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the partnership with the EU Skills Group Competence Scheme enables Stroma Certification to certify organisations for its Competence Management System.

Andy Sharp, Commercial Manager, commented: “Stroma Certification is delighted to have achieved UKAS accreditation to deliver Group Competence Scheme Certification. We’ve worked hard to develop a wide range of certification schemes to offer to organisations in the gas industry, as well as an extensive Competent Person Scheme for sole trader gas installers, and are pleased that we are able to support these businesses in delivering competent and compliant gas installation work.”

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