Specialised valve training centre created at Pegler

Specialised valve training centre created at Pegler

Pegler has expanded its training facilities in Doncaster to offer an even greater interactive experience.

The specialised valve centre offers more hands-on training for individuals and companies to facilitate greater understanding and more experience in balancing and commissioning valves.

Glenn Schofield, Technical Training Support Manager, commented: “We have specifically designed this training facility to simulate real life situations. The whole room can be used at once or just certain sections to show what could happen in any commercial or domestic setting.”

The aptly named ‘valves wall’ houses a Grundfos Magna 3 pump which delivers a head pressure up to 15 metres and provides all or just some of the systems with their requirements depending on learning needs. The training provided by Glenn covers differential pressures and how to deal with them, what effects control valves have on velocity noise and flow rates and how to lock valves and change flow.

Glenn continued: “This is a really immersive room that engages most senses. Visitors can see just what happens to flow rates and pressures thanks to the visual display units which monitor each valve, they can get hands on and change pressures according to requirements and see how a quarter inch turn can affect pressures, they can also hear velocity noise and alter valves accordingly.

“Commissioning and balancing systems is about knowing the system, understanding its requirements and adjusting to suit. This allows visitors to ‘play’ around getting a feel for flow and pressure rates and working with a system in a controlled environment.”

The training facility is open to all those interested in commissioning and balancing systems. Visitors so far have included architects, specifiers, clerk of works, installers, commissioners and college students.

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