Salamander Pumps’ products achieve Quiet Mark status

Salamander Pumps’ products achieve Quiet Mark status

Salamander Pumps has announced it has now achieved the coveted Quiet Mark status for the majority of its range of shower and whole house pumps, as part of its long term commitment to noise reduction. 

Quiet Mark is the eco-award programme run by the UK Noise Abatement Society, which ranks excellence in quiet product design, and is only awarded to products proven to be some of the quietest in their class. Recently featured on BBC Watchdog, Quiet Mark supports manufacturers in producing quiet appliances. 

The news comes as several of Salamander’s pumps are also now rated the quietest available in the UK, according to independent test results. 

The noise tests were carried out against competitor products by acoustic test and calibration specialist the University of Salford, using its multi-million pound UKAS-accredited facilities which are backed up by the expertise of one of the largest acoustics research groups in the world. 

Salamander’s RP50PT, CT Force 15PT and CT 50 Xtra pumps are all rated some of the quietest in the 1.5bar class; and the RP75PT and the CT 75 Xtra are rated some of the quietest in the 2bar class. 

The Salamander CT Force brass range holds noise ratings from as low as 42dBA. The CTForce30PT and CT Force 20PT are also rated quieter than the biggest selling brass twin ended shower pumps on the UK market, says the company. 

Salamander Technical Director Gareth Richards said: “Customer feedback tells us that noise is a huge factor when it comes to choosing the right pump, which is why we continually invest thousands of pounds in research and development to reduce turbulence and vibration, and therefore noise. 

“Having cut noise levels by 15% over the last five years, and as our HomeBoost pump was the first to achieve Quiet Mark status in 2014, undergoing further independent testing for other models was the next logical step in the process. 

“We are delighted to see our efforts rewarded with independent confirmation from the UK’s leading noise testing experts that when tested against competitor products, our pumps are more often than not some of the quietest in their class.” 

Salamander’s new website at details pump noise against a sliding scale of noises ranging from quiet rainfall through to a noisy alarm clock.  

“We deliberately chose to work with the UK’s leading accredited noise testing laboratory, as we wanted there to be no doubt about the veracity of our statements,” added Gareth. 

“While there is no such thing as a completely silent pump, we are now quietly confident that they are some of the quietest on the market.”

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