Nu-Heat celebrates anniversary with timeline

Nu-Heat celebrates anniversary with timeline

Nu-Heat is marking its silver anniversary by exploring the history of heating.

Growing from a very small team of just five employees in 1992, Nu-Heat now employs over 100 dedicated people and has designed and supplied tailored underfloor heating and renewables solutions for over 70,000 homes nationwide.  A company that prides itself on the continuous development and improvement of underfloor heating solutions for properties of all shapes, sizes and constructions, Nu-Heat is taking the opportunity of its anniversary to look back at global heating traditions stretching back thousands of years.

The company has produced an interactive heating timeline that tracks the many milestones and developments spanning the centuries between the earliest hearths back in 42,000BC, to the current trend in the adoption of smart technology for heating control. On its journey to the present day, the timeline reveals some surprising gems including the first use of thermostats (but not as we know them), the controversies surrounding the invention of the radiator, peak numbers of plumbing, heating and ventilation engineers, and the origins of heating technologies that have been around much longer than we might think.

Nu-Heat Managing Director, David Roberts, explains: “A landmark anniversary always prompts the desire to look to the past as well as the future. Nu-Heat has seen, and delivered, many heating innovations over the past 25 years, and will continue to do so as technology grows apace and homeowners quite rightly demand more efficient and effective methods of heating their homes.

“It may surprise you to discover that our heating timeline is not about Nu-Heat – it is about the wider heating industry and the incredible capacity of humankind to invent and innovate ways of heating and controlling the temperature of our homes. It is almost impossible to imagine a world where these heating solutions did not exist, and yet in many cases we owe their existence to experiments that didn’t quite go according to plan, or the inventor’s sheer determination and willingness to take a risk.

“As a company with innovation at its heart, we at Nu-Heat think that as we rush towards the future, the past deserves more than just a passing glance. We warmly invite you to indulge in a bit of time travel and discover the history of heating for yourself on our website.”

Visit to discover Nu-Heat’s interactive history of heating.

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