New mobile application set to improve mobility in the workforce

New mobile application set to improve mobility in the workforce

Businesses are set to improve efficiencies and workflow management following the launch of a new, updated mobile data capture solution aimed specifically at mobile workers.

WorkMobile, an award winning mobile solutions and data capture service, has revolutionised its mobile form and data capture app to help businesses eliminate paperwork and capture information such as data, signatures, videos and photographs onto mobile devices.

The company has recently added a number of updates to its product to allow companies to easily collect, monitor and share all manner of data on the move, and update back-office systems at the touch of a button.

As part of the new app updates, users can now sketch or annotate over photographs they capture on a job and other images, improving internal and external communication channels. In addition, users can now choose as many photographs from their camera roll as they like to attach to the necessary mobile form at the end of a job.

WorkMobile has also introduced a useful feature that provides real-time updates when a job changes status. Previously, the app only sent a message back when the job arrived on the worker’s device and when the job was complete. Now the app provides live updates when the job gets either accepted or rejected.

Colin Yates, Business Programmes Director at WorkMobile, said: “We’re pleased to be able to launch our updated mobile data capture solution to the market, in order to improve productivity and operational return on investment for any kind of business. By reducing the need for paperwork, the app helps to reduce user errors, prevent damage and loss, and save time and money.

“After listening to client feedback we have added a number of new, handy functions to make mobile working even easier. We strive to put our customers first, and by regularly reviewing and improving our solutions, we are able to meet their business needs and requirements.”

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