Logic ready for new gas training standards

Logic ready for new gas training standards

From 1st October 2017, all Managed Learning Programs (MLP) undertaken by new entrants into the gas industry will change. Logic Certification centres throughout the UK are ready for these changes, with Logic Certification’s MLP including options for complete new entrants and those with some prior learning and experience in the gas industry or a related trade.

The changes will bring about a consistent and robust approach to all routes to Gas Safe Registration and will be subject to approval and external quality assurance by the Standard Setting Body (SSB).

Set out in the newly published IGEM/IG1 Standards of Training in Gas Work, the route to becoming Gas Safe Registered will be more robust and uniform across all training providers, to ensure improved consumer safety and the good safety reputation of the sector is maintained.

Steve Mulvany, Scheme Director for Logic Certification said: “Prior to October 1st, many training providers delivered training with little or no quality assurance or scrutiny by a third party. While most providers do an excellent job, this lack of regulation meant that the system was open abuse, with criticism quite rightly pointed at so-called ‘fast-track’ courses, delivered with commercial interests, rather than what’s best for the trainee, consumer or gas industry, at their core. This type of short course has no place within the industry and has the potential to cause great harm.

“We welcome the changes and are pleased to report that all Logic Certification MLP have been approved by the SSB and meet the newly introduced standards.”

About the changes
There will be a greater emphasis on practical training and evidence of supervised on-site, hands-on experience. Additional non gas safety elements, including health and safety, safe electrical isolation, asbestos awareness, water regulations, heating and hot water safety and systems, and energy efficiency will now also be included. All MLP will be of a similar duration depending on the scope of appliances and equipment covered.

To manage the cross-over to the new requirements, provision has been made for those already registered on an existing programme – candidates must complete their training within 12 months from 30th September 2017. Those already Gas Safe Registered will not be affected.

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