Installers First presents a ‘Gas Engineer Training & Skills Assembly’

Installers First presents a ‘Gas Engineer Training & Skills Assembly’

Second in a series of events from Installers First will be the Gas Engineer Training & Skills Assembly’ – offering an opportunity for all those with an interest in the training and skills of Gas Engineers to take a comprehensive review of all the issues and the current activity which aims to address them, and then identify how the industry can work holistically for the benefit of all 

Laurah Hutchinson-Strain, Head of Media, Installers First said: “We have received quite a lot of feedback about training and standards within the industry and as a result we have been reviewing the current activity. There is a lot going on and it’s great to see such a hive of activity within this area, all with the same goal – to ensure that Gas Engineers have the training and skills required for the job.  

“It is a complex area of review for a complex job. The Gas Engineer Training & Skills Assembly will provide a chance for the industry to learn about each of the different activities across the board and how a concurrent approach may benefit the anticipated outcomes of each initiative. 

“Then, after that we would know where any gaps may be and how Installers First could support.’ 

  • When: 7th February 2018 
  • Where: Installers First offices, Kenilworth, Warwickshire 
  • What: The event will include presentations from; the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), the Gas Safety Trust, EU Skills, the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) and also current training providers. 

Laurah continued: “In addition to hearing from those who set the standards, we want to offer Gas Engineers the chance to have their say. So often we hear conversations or see tweets about ‘fast trackers’, lack of training for apprentices, poor standards or support for the next generation. 

“Making sure that the review of Gas Engineer Training and Skills is fit for purpose means that installers doing the job, today, must be involved. Which is why our event will feature an installer panel, made up of current Gas Safe registered installers who can provide constructive feedback and a valuable insight.” 

The event is open to installers registered with Installers First. If you are not yet registered, visit today!  

Places on the panel are limited, so if you are interested please make yourselves known via the options below.  

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