IGEM responds to Lords debate on climate change

IGEM responds to Lords debate on climate change

The Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) has responded to the House of Lords debate on ‘technological and lifestyle efforts to address climate change’.

IGEM Chief Executive Neil Atkinson said: “How we choose to efficiently heat our homes, travel and eat will all have a significant impact on our energy use and environment. We welcome any public discussion about these critical issues including positive changes required to lifestyle behaviours. We must together engineer the optimum whole system solution to reach zero emissions at minimum cost to the public.”

Atkinson added: “From a technological perspective, we must press on with the creation of a hydrogen economy as we strive towards net zero emissions. There is every chance that a combination of blue and green hydrogen production, together with expanded use of green biofuels, will make dramatic decarbonisation of our energy system a reality – without the need for overreliance on reinforcing a reliable electricity supply.

“Industry-wide projects to prove the feasibility and safety of hydrogen in our gas grid are already well underway, with momentum accelerating. Only last week, the Energy Minister re-emphasised plans to accelerate the decarbonisation of our gas supplies by increasing the proportion of green gas in the grid. The HyDeploy consortium is already trialing hydrogen blended gas at Keele University and hydrogen ready boilers are now a reality.

“With continued support from government and the right policy frameworks, hydrogen is very likely to play a valuable role in the critical issues of decarbonising heat and mobility, and in a more cost effective manner to consumers than all electric solutions. Strong leadership and decisiveness are required to ramp up development and investment in the decade ahead.”

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