Hands-free heating with Wiser

Hands-free heating with Wiser

Drayton is highlighting the voice control capabilities of its Wiser system, with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration allowing homeowners to control their heating using verbal commands.

Wiser works together with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to offer your customers the ultimate in convenience. Simply by asking, users can control the temperature in every room in their house.

For example, the ideal temperature can be set in each individual room to make sure every family member is safe and sound. Babies and the elderly have certain heating requirements to ensure their wellbeing, and with Wiser the temperature can be set with a simple voice command, such as: “Alexa, set the nursery to 18 degrees”.

Wiser can also maximise homeowner comfort, save energy and reduce household bills by making it even simpler to adjust the heating at any point, using a quick command of: “Okay Google, decrease the spare room temperature by 3 degrees”.

Wiser’s voice control capabilities can also enhance the lives of users with mobility issues. The system gives complete control of every room in their house, helping them maintain their dignity and independence.

Mikael Eliaeson, Product Manager at Drayton says: “We know homeowners are becoming more demanding when it comes to smart controls features, and it’s not just enough to offer remote temperature control.

“That’s why we developed Wiser to integrate with voice control systems, so installers can recommend the system to tech savvy customers, families who want hands-free heating control, and those with limited mobility wanting independence.

“Wiser is affordable and easy to install, and features such as voice control make it an easy sell to customers – a great addition to any smart home system.”

For more information on Wiser, visit www.wiser.draytoncontrols.co.uk or follow @DraytonHeating on Twitter

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