Grant UK extends G1+ rewards programme into renewables

Grant UK extends G1+ rewards programme into renewables

The G1+ Points rewards programme, part of Grant UK’s G1 Installer Scheme, has got even bigger. Renewable products installed and registered through the Scheme will be eligible for points that G1+ members can redeem on orders for clothing, merchandise and more in the online G1 Shop.

The G1+ Points rewards programme was first launched in March 2018. Since then, installers who register 10 or more boilers per annum have been able to progress to the G1+ tier of the Scheme where they can then access and redeem the Points earned on their boiler registrations. G1+ Points rewards has now been extended to include all of Grant’s renewable products as well. This means that, from 1st March 2022, G1 installers can accrue points on the Aerona³ air source heat pumps, VortexAir hybrids, QR cylinders and Grant solar thermal systems, as well as oil boilers, that are installed and registered through the G1 Portal or Click App.

To progress to the G1+ tier, G1 members need to install and register 10 Grant products within a 12-month period. These products can be all boilers, all renewables or a combination of both. Once an installer has reached the G1+ tier, they can then access the points they have accrued on their registrations and they will continue to accrue more points against their future installations as well. These points can be redeemed via the online Shop that members can access on the G1 Portal, ordering a wide range of items from branded clothing, merchandise, home tech and more.

“We are very excited about this latest update to our G1+ Points initiative,” comments Anna Wakefield, Head of Marketing at Grant UK. “Existing G1+ installers are now be able to earn points on both their renewable and boiler installations and members currently on the G1 tier can hopefully progress to G1+ Points quicker as a result of more products being eligible.”

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