Gastite goes racing

Gastite goes racing

Following a national competition run by Gastite to win a track day at Silverstone, the winner, together with other Gastite customers, was treated to a fabulous chance to try out eight different vehicles over the course of the day, as well as a lap with racing driver Charlie Hollings, who has had over 119 podium finishes.

The winner of the track day, Andrew Peet, a Project Manager for Crown House, said he thoroughly enjoyed himself, as did the rest of Gastite’s customers who were invited for the day.

The lights turned green and everyone started well. By the time the race had concluded, everyone held an increased confidence in their driving skills – until they saw Charlie Hollings get behind the wheel.

Darren Riches, one of the participants on the day, said: ‘Owing to the daily pressures, we really hadn’t researched what was in store too much, the only thing we knew was that it was going to be special and not to miss it. I can tell you it surpassed all expectations – what a phenomenal day at such an iconic venue!

A spokesperson for Gastite UK said: “We all enjoyed the track day at Silverstone and congratulations to Andrew on winning the competition – let’s see what we can do next year!”

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