Free remote control with selected Viessmann boilers

Free remote control with selected Viessmann boilers

Promotion on Vitodens 100-W and 050-W boilers until end of March.

Viessmann is giving Vitodens 050-W and Vitodens 100-W combi boiler customers a free remote controller on all sales until 31st March.

Viessmann marketing director Darren McMahon says: “Viessmann recognises the growing importance of advanced heating system controls in reducing household expenditure on energy and customising comfort. In promoting the sales of Viessmann boilers with the Vitotrol controls designed for them, our customers will be able to perfectly match their heating system to their requirements today and they will also be set up to benefit from future developments. It’s a great time to realise the best of owning a Viessmann boiler.”

The wall-mounted Vitotrol UTDB RF2 radio frequency remote controller provides access to all boiler control functions, plus a quick overview of the heating system, at a single, convenient location. It has a sleek, high white gloss casing and easy-to-read grey-on-black digital display screen.

The Vitotrol remote control is easy to attach to a wall as no wiring is required. It allows the user to precisely customise heating and domestic hot water programming, with the facility to lock control keys to prevent tampering.

Heating temperatures and time phases can be set with the Vitotrol remote controller for individual days or groups of days.  The control comes pre-loaded with two suggested timing programmes, one and two; and a third programme where installers can set  specific timing requirements. It has three primary modes: for the Comfort mode, the user chooses the desired room temperature; the Eco mode reduces this by 2°C and switches off the domestic hot water, ideal for short absences from the building; and the Reduced mode sets any tailored temperature as low as 10° C, also switching off the hot water.

There is also a Party mode, which automatically raises room temperature to 21°C, and a Holiday programme, to ensure minimum energy consumption without letting the rooms get too cold for house plants. For further peace of mind, the Frost Protection mode can be selected to activate the heating if the temperature falls below 5°C.

To manage domestic hot water, the Vitotrol remote control also splits the day into time phases for individual days or groups of days. The change from summer to winter-time is made automatically.

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