Free lunch for tradespeople

Free lunch for tradespeople

A new competition is on the lookout for deserving tradespeople to win their ultimate lunchtime treat, delivered straight to them on the job. This comes after new research, conducted by parcel broker Parcel2Go, found that a staggering 12% of tradespeople said they typically did not eat lunch at work.

The study also asked the nation’s tradespeople what their favourite lunch is when they are on the job. The results revealed that over a quarter (28%) choose the humble sandwich, both easy to prepare and filling for a laborious job, with a ham and cheese sandwich specifically getting a huge 21% of the vote.

Following a classic sandwich, a simple jacket potato with a topping was the second most popular choice (13% of the vote), followed by basic soup and bread (12%).

In Parcel2Go’s opinion, tradespeople deserve a good filling lunch, and much more than the usual sorry sandwiches and limp leftovers. With this in mind, Parcel2Go is launching a nationwide competition to find some deserving tradespeople to treat to an ultimate lunchtime feast.

To enter, hopeful participants need only fill in the simple submission form (name, job title and a contact email address). The successful entrant will get a lunch delivery of their choice. To find out more about the competition, and to get your entry submitted, visit:

Les Yates, Global Head of Marketing at Parcel2Go, commented: “For many workers across the country, lunchtime is an hour where we can enjoy a hot meal and step away from our desks for an hour or so. From our initial research, we found that tradespeople are commonly relying on quick and boring lunch options to fuel their labour, or missing lunch entirely.

“We like to support British businesses here at Parcel2Go, and we know there are a lot of highly skilled tradespeople working hard across the country day in day out, so we’re keen to give a little back through this competition to make sure they are well fed.”

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