Electricity safety campaign launched

Electricity safety campaign launched

Every year, serious injuries occur when workers accidentally come into contact with an electricity network.

In response to this, and to drive down incident rates, the Education and Engagement team at UK Power Networks are sending out safety communications to high risk groups such as farmers, builders, plumbers, electricians and construction workers.Through trade association and bodies, as well as national training providers, a range of safety messages will be communicated to members and key contacts.

The messages will aim to serve as a reminder that electricity can cause serious injury or even death, if it is come into contact with.

Electricity service cables can be hidden or out of sight, and carry a powerful electrical charge which can cause life changing injuries.

The Power Networks team are urging the trade to take time to plan, be prepared and focus on the way they work by scanning for cables.

A free safety leaflet can be downloaded at and safety moments can be shared on Twitter through the #bebrightstaysafe hashtag and by including @UKPowerNetworks.

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