Danfoss launches smart home heating controller

Danfoss launches smart home heating controller

Danfoss has launched its Link smart home heating controller which has been designed to provide wireless control of a heating system via individual electronic TRV’s.

Danfoss Link works by linking all the elements of home heating controls, including room sensors and Danfoss’ electronic TRVs, to give homeowners wireless, programmable control of radiators.

Danfoss Link can be programmed by using either the central controller or through the Danfoss Link App to personalise heating schedules to suit lifestyles. Individual room temperatures can also be set or rooms can be grouped together to create different heating zones.

Users can control heating remotely, using the Danfoss Link App, available from the App Store and Google Play allowing homeowners to create a comfortable, energy efficient home temperature wherever they are.

Danfoss has also made information guides and videos available online as well as allowing installers to download the latest software version for customers using the WiFi link on the central controller.

Gareth Ash, Marketing and Technical Manager, said: “Danfoss Link is the very latest in smart heating technology, and we are delighted to bring this innovation to the market. We all expect to be able to communicate, shop and play on our smartphones and tablets – now we can control our home environment, keep our bills low and reduce our energy usage too. This exciting new development offers real benefits for homeowners and excellent business opportunities for installers.”

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